Ghost in the Wishing Well

by Chuck LeMonds

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released January 30, 2019

Produced by Chuck LeMonds
Recorded & Mixed by Chuck LeMonds
Mastered by Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering, Minneapolis, Minn.

Chuck LeMonds - acoustic guitar, vocals, keybords
Peter Herbert - Upright bass
Knut Hem - dobro, Weissenborn guitar, lap steel
Arkadiy Yushin - electric guitar, fretless bass
Simone Kopmajer - vocals on choir, choir arrangement
Stefanie Sommerhofer - vocals on choir
Luise Enzinger - vocals on choir
Gernot Muhr - flute
Stephan Rausch - harmonica
Gerhard Burger - accordian
photos - Bianca Scharler or as noted on booklet.
graphic design: Miriam Schaller


all rights reserved



Chuck LeMonds Austria

Chuck LeMonds’ music is a kind of Country Soul gumbo of blues, folk, funk and country with poetic lyrics that call to be heard. In times like these, the music and songwriting of Chuck LeMonds has the effect of a soothing balsam for the soul, or that of a plow turning over fresh soil in a field waiting to be planted in spring. ... more

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Track Name: Falling Apart
Falling Apart

There's a whisper in the willows
a drunkard sleeping in the street
Some mothers always crying
the boys are pounding out a beat.

Falling Apart, falling apart
falling without you 2x

Put her in a glass box
on display for all to see
she's falling to pieces
come watch the show for free.

Bad things happen to good people
and the rules have just been changed
go down on your knees and pray, pray for all your worth
and send it out on the information highway.
Track Name: Go Down On Your Knees
Go Down On Your Knees © Chuck LeMonds 2016

When the world is full of trouble
And the sky has turned to grey
And your heart can’t take the news
That comes with the break of day.

When wars are raging round you
And millions are fleeing for their lives
As politicians are looking for someone to blame
The bankers take their slice.

Go down on your knees, go down on your knees 2x
And pray.

When you no longer can protect those
Who you love with all your heart
And darkness settles on the land
Which once gave so much hope.

When greed has been unleashed
Like a tsunami moving to shore
And the weapons factories are rolling in dollars
Then shuffled to the Cayman Isles through the back door.

You may be a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew
Hari Krishna or a Hindu, or a Buddha letting go for you
Pentacostal or a Baptist, Johovah’s Witness, Seven Day Adventist
Greek Orthodox, and Lutherns
or all the others I sometimes forget.

I hope everything gets better
But my gut tells me otherwise
All better go down on their knees
All better go down on their knees


When you thought the worst was over
But you realize it’s just begun
Take what you can carry
When you have to make a run.

Now the world is full of trouble
And the sky has turned to grey
And your heart can’t take the news
That comes with the break of day.
Track Name: Time Is Slipping Away
Time is Slipping Away © Chuck LeMonds March 2009

Time is slipping away
Time is slipping away
You can’t stop it
I can’t stop it
Some would try to, if they could
But I don’t want to, unless you would
Come and slip away with me.

When I hold you close to me
There’s no time to waste
I tell you how I love you
With each kiss I place.


Nothing is so important
That it can’t wait a day or two
Let’s embrace our sweet illusions
And dance the whole night through.

Track Name: Deep Dark Mine
Deep Dark Mine © Chuck LeMonds 2017

Everybody knows someone
Who’s tripped and fell into the mud
Making it hard to get up
On your feet again.

Nothing feels as bad as when
You’ve slipped and lost your sense of place
Lose your face,
And lose your pride and joy.

Pick your heart up off the ground
Wear it like you have a crown
Lined with jewels, dug from a deep dark mine
People can talk behind your back
Saying you deserved all that
But they don’t know just what you hold inside.
You’re a blooming flower
in a crack in the wall
You’re a blooming flower
Where there’s hardly dirt at all
You’re a blooming flower
In the darkest of times
You’re a blooming flower
You’re a blooming flower.

When you take a hit
You lose your stride
Do the shuffle
Roller coaster ride
No need to hold your breath
To see what the outcome is.

All is fair in love and war
Broken hearts and slamming doors
And finding words
To get up on your feet again.

Track Name: Me and 3 Billion Others
Me And 3 Million Others © 2014 Chuck LeMonds

I got a money problem
It just can’t make it flow
The world outside demands a lot more
But I’ve given out all my dough

I never needed very much
Just the sweet necessities
Now there’s not enough cash to go around
And it just don’t grow on trees.

There seems to be a shortage
At each and every turn
One hand takes, the other hand gives
Like a hot coal that burns

Who’s got all the money
Can someone tell me please
When someone comes a knocking
And someone starts to squeeze.


I’ve read all the latest books
About how to make money
The problem starts with me
And ends with 3 billion others
Western dreams of affluence,
for every woman, child and man
if you just work harder
and follow our economic plan.
1st verse

I just want to make music at night
Watch the sun come up through the trees
And show my daughter all the goodness
That God gave us for free.

They’ll share all their secrets
And change your world for good
The World Bank will give you credit
For all your petroleum use
All the worlds natural beauty
They’ll soon have itemized
Don’t take it personally
There’s no reason to cry.
Track Name: Woes of an Immigrant
Woes of an Immigrant © Chuck LeMonds 2017

I’m a stranger here
And so far away from home
Nothing went the way that I
Was hoping it would go
My days are full of routine
But at night I’m bursting at the seams.

All I’ve ever loved
Is an ocean away
I never thought I’d miss the bread
Made fresh every day
And all my loved ones
I’m missing you, more than words can say.

Am I losing all that I have
Cherished, and has made me who I am
I’m holding onto something,
But I fear that I will soon be washed away.

I hear my mother singing
In the kitchen, as I lie in my bed
The smell of coffee cooking
And my grandpa he‘s talking to himself
I want to pack my things
I’m out of here, I’m gone
Praying for good weather
So I can make my way back home.

I’m a stranger here
And wish that I could fly
Because I know I’ll be a stranger here
Until the day I die
And words are all I have
To remind me of where I was born.
Track Name: Zydeco Ginny
Ginny © Chuck LeMonds 2016

Ginny arrived in town
But one had a clue
She lived with her mother on a houseboat
Down in old Dierks slough
She grew up on the river, between Memphis, Tennessee
And the bluffs of Cape Girardeau.

She was a natural born beauty
And kept the boys in disarray
They were tripping over their own feet
Trying to win her affections and gaze
But she didn’t even notice, she didn’t even care
She was a dreamer, dreaming of the river.

She’d say, “ Take me down to the river!”
“Take me out in your canoe!”
“Take me down to the river!”
“I’ll bet you anything, I’ll catch a bigger fish than you!”

Ginny loved to go fishing
And knew the river better than most
She could sit in some back water cove
As if she’s just seen a ghost
She wouldn’t say a word, just stare into the deep
Conjuring up some catfish, which was sleeping under a big wood heap!

Ginny had a nose for where the bottom feeders dwell
Under the bridge by the river
near Good Hope and Bell,
That’s where she came upon the mystery boy
Who never said a word, hardly ever looked at her
Never said a word.

The mystery boy had something
That Ginny could not ignore
He was gruff and had no manners
And could sleep on hard wood floors
She could see he was no ones fool
And knew how to mind his own business.

Mystery Boy’s tackle box lay open on the dock
It melted all of Ginny’s resistance,
opened up all her locks
He’d hooked her line and sinker,
she’d fallen for his bait
So she sat down on the dock, and ask outright for a date
She said……

Track Name: Sonya
Sonya © Ripoff Raskolnikov

Oh Sonya, I love you for what it is worth
But if you had any sense, you’d give me a wide birth
They will haul me away to the end of the earth
And you’ll have to go and find somebody new.

There’s a world of virtue and there’s a world of sin
And I can’t go back to the places I’ve been
I’m a stranger even to my own next of kin
And all that I have is you.

And I ain’t worth the trouble you put yourself to
I ain’t worth the tears that you cry
When they set me in chains and put me on that train
I don’t want you to stand there and wave me good-bye.

I was with you when you prayed, I was with you when you wept
And I’d love to be with you forever except
The gift that you are offering is more than I can accept
And I still haven’t sunk quite so low.

Life offers its lessons to those who will learn
What comes easy to one man another must earn
I’ve caused others to suffer and now it’s my turn
And it’s a solitary road I must go.

Now you know, that very last scene at the end of the book
Where I hold you in my arms by the side of the brook
I just can’t see it working in real life and look
What good would it be any way.

No man can escape from the hands of fate
And who ever sent you to save me, they sent you too late
If I ever get out of this prison camp gate
I will be old and I will be grey.

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